Our Machines

We have partnered with several premium gelato machine brands to bring you a variety of options to suit your pub or restaurant’s demand. If you exceed your expected demand, we’ll be happy to upgrade your machine to a higher capacity model. 

Tier 1

Buffalo CM289: This machine has an output volume of around 1.7L of gelato, and is our tier 1 machine. It has a batch time of 30-40 minutes for one flavour and base.


Ideal for: small scale production – small cafe’s restaurants and pubs

buffalo cm289 ice cream machine

Tier 2

Musso Stella: This tier 2 machine also has a 1.7L volume output, but is more powerful. The batch time is 30-40 minutes.


Ideal for: larger scale production: small pub and restaurant chains, large single sites.

Tier 3

Musso Giardino: Our tier 3 machine has the ability to churn two bases and two flavours at once. With an output of 3.4L, this machine is perfect for large scale on site churning. The batch time is 30-40 minutes.


Ideal for: large scale production: pub and restaurant chains