How it works

We have come up with a solution for restaurants and pubs to serve fresh, churned on site gelato. Our product saves you time, money and means you have no need for regular deliveries. Our shelf stable base will free up freezer room, and the unique flavours we offer will give you an easy dessert to serve your customers.

Pick your flavours

We have a wide variety of unique flavours all developed by our in house head chef Tom. View our flavour selection here.

hazelnut gelato
apple and blackberry crumble

We deliver your flavours & gelato base

We deliver UK wide to any pub or restaurant, and cater to any business requirements.

You churn gelato on site

Churn gelato to meet your business’ demand. Simply add the base and ingredients to your machine, and you’re ready to go.

We also offer...

A sample trial of the product before any decisions need to be madeĀ 

Bespoke flavour development to help your business’ menu stand out

Assistance with your menu, advice on upselling desserts and more personalised help