Our story

Before we opened Brozen St Nicks in 2016, we plunged into our ice cream research. We discovered that there is a great deal of science behind making ice cream.


Each of our recipes are slightly different, we tailor them to the core ingredient in order to make the flavours sing. Our research has enabled us to broaden our range of flavours and incorporate unusual ingredients whilst retaining the smooth texture of Brozen ice cream.


We consider both the mass of molecules and the interaction between them to make our ice cream softer, as well as a low percentage of both fat and sugar to insure a clean, bold flavour. Of course some of our flavours are more indulgent... we let the ingredients dictate the direction.


All our ice cream is handcrafted in small batches in our kitchens, ensuring that always stays fresh. Our freezer is stocked with a small selection of our favourite flavours, as well as a rotation of special seasonal flavours which come and go. Visit our menu page to find out more.

When we were doing our research, we discovered the ultimate way of freezing ice cream.


At -196°C liquid nitrogen cools ice cream so quickly that larger ice crystals don’t develop. We add it to our liquid bases whilst rapidly churning. The nitrogen burns off, cooling the ice cream and then disappearing into the air. The result: totally smooth, perfectly whipped delicious ice cream.

To this day all of our packaging is compostable. It's either Vegware or something similar, right down to our stickers. We aren’t certified as organic, but we are making moves to get there one day. We source as many of our ingredients from small, ethical, local suppliers as much as possible.


All of our dairy comes from the nearby Chew Valley Farm. They produce delicious milk and cream which when combined with egg yolk gives our more indulgent flavours their warm, wholesome taste. The dairy also partners well with our egg-free gelato flavours and fruit ice creams which, at around 8% fat, are more like gelato.


We have also been developing our vegan / dairy free flavours: a creamy coconut , a rich chocolate, a fruity pina colada and some zingy sorbets.

Owners Joe and Ben have been in love with ice cream since they were old enough to hold a spoon. They grew up in a large family from Cornwall and, being twins, have always aspired to go into business together.


Joe’s Engineering degree has come in handy when building Brozen, literally, from the ground up. Ben worked as a strategy consultant in London for a few years before deciding that an ice cream start up in Bristol was the way to go.

The road doesn’t end in St Nicks, however, newly opened Brozen Bar now sells incredible alcoholic cocktails in the form of sorbets and ice creams.


Check out the website for more details.


Opening Times


Glass Arcade, St Nicholas Market



Monday-Saturday 11-5

Closed on Sundays


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